Who We Are

Huntington Steele is a Seattle-based registered investment advisor specializing in advisory services to families of exceptional wealth. We act as our client’s advocate in all aspects of wealth management, and create a personalized experience for each of our clients given their preferences and needs. Huntington Steele provides a fresh option to those who wish to establish and to maintain a long-term relationship with experienced, independent and accountable advisors. Patsy Huntington and Jen Steele bring over 50 years of combined market experience to their clients. The strength of their combined experience and absolute advocacy make Huntington Steele an indispensable part of their clients’ financial affairs.

What We Do

At Huntington Steele, our families enjoy a combination of unbiased, independent, and experienced advocates representing their best interests in the financial marketplace. We do not represent any particular firm, manager, or service provider. Our clients rely on us to help them to consider a wide array of matters pertaining to their wealth, and we create a personalized experience for each.


While independent advice and client advocacy are absolutely necessary to successful long-term stewardship, these qualities alone are not sufficient without rigorous supervision. At Huntington Steele we embrace the responsibility of maintaining vigilance over each of our clients. We do this through quarterly meetings with our clients, consistent accessibility and further communication as desired or when necessary. Our deep relationship with our families gives us the required perspective to consider their dynamic overall structure and to suggest and collectively affect appropriate courses of action.